New RapidWeaver 9 Icon!

We went through a lot of iterations, we even tried making the RW icon round to match a lot of the newer icons in Catalina, however it just didn’t look like RW.

So in the end, we came back around to the same metaphor. We love this new icon and think it still looks like RW, but is a slightly fresher take on it.

Hopefully you guys will have this sitting permanently in your dock very soon!


Nice. Seems wider or just me?

It’s about the same I think, it might just be a bit of an optical illusion… :tophat:

I know that you alternate color schemes for the icons. I do have to admit that I will miss the purple. I always enjoy the purple icons more.

Maybe we’ll do an alt version… or maybe it’ll make a return in RapidWeaver 10 :smiley: