🔥 New RW 7 welcome window is the hotness!

Tom’s been working on the new Welcome window this week… I think it’s turned out pretty well…

It’s in the latest build of RW7, so go ahead, update, and enjoy the hotness!

This also means we’re nearing the private beta phase. I’m looking to send the first RW beta to super dedicated RW users before anyone else, and while I already have a list of people, I wondered if you guys had any suggestions. Please go ahead and DM me if there’s anyone you definitely think I could add.



Love it! Just getting around to catching up on stuff now that I’m back in town and this is good stuff! Can’t wait for the public beta!

super clean. really liking this change.

Very nice! Reminds me of the Xcode welcome window.

EDIT: Liking the Health Check feature, and all the polish in recent builds. Great work guys!

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