🎉 New RW build just in time for the weekend!

Start your update engines, we’ve just released another beta!

Version 7.0 (17204b) Release Notes:

  • [Feature] Incomplete and highly experimental FTP browser, yup you read that right!
  • [Feature] If a plugin cannot be found we allow the user to search the community site
  • [Feature] We now show a nice page (and error) if a page fails to export
  • [Feature] Added a button to save a destination as a Bookmark (Thanks Matthias!)
  • [Change] When all documents are closed the projects window will now open
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue with Publishing Destinations and Bookmarks getting confused
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where the notes layout would get kinda crazy
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where Resources would appear to be missing when opening RW6 projects in RW 7
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would throw an error when exporting certain PHP pages



Sounds great!

My engine has been started, but it seems like this update will take a bit longer than usual to propagate…

I’m looking forward to test this build :slight_smile:

That is a nifty little feature, I like it :thumbsup:

What on earth have you put in the developers’ coffee lately!?!?

Whatever it is… Don’t stop!!!


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Sorry to be thick @dan - what’s the URL to get the download from dev mate?

In app check for updates shows nothing available…

I’m on Version 7.0 (16770b)


Did you check the “search for beta updates” checkbox?

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Doh… that worked. Am sure I had that on before
Yes I am hung over today if that gives me any leeway :stuck_out_tongue:

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The ‘even more updates’ to the FTP Browser (‘Create Folder’) are even better :wink:

But where is the confetti?

You’ll see eventually :wink:

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Arg. Now I have to click through all of the buttons to find the easter egg… Love that :wink:

You won’t see it, just yet. Hold tight.


I must be daft, not finding the FTP browser anywhere in beta 17235b. Maybe I’m looking too hard…

Browse button in the publishing screen. I do think that it could be awesome if it were available in a more general form outside of that.

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Awesome! Thanks @joeworkman

@dan I’d venture a guess that this feature could be made a bit more discoverable. Maybe a “browse remote files” button, aligned to the right, as part of the header for each titled publishing entry?