New Site Launch - Network QA

(Paul Russam) #1

New Site Launch - Network QA

This site has been in progress for quite a while as I had to wait a long time for all the content to get to me but……ITS NOW LIVE!!

All Foundation with a liberal application of BigWhiteDuck and JoeWorkman stacks, I’ve even got EasyCMS controlling the Menu titles, Page titles and SEO descriptions.

Many many thanks to Realmac, @isaiah , @joeworkman and @tav for their handwork in producing such an amazing suite of tools.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Amazing site there @PaulRussam! Be sure to try and get that one in the Gallery, it is an excellent one and should EASILY get in! Nice job!

(Stuart) #3

Needs bigger icons… :wink:
Great job!

(Dave Hughes) #4

Looks really good. Did you do the page loading animation with Joe’s preloader stack or some other approach?


(Paul Russam) #5

Hand written svg, everything is done within the svg file itself.

(Dave Hughes) #6

Ok, completely beyond my skill set but thanks for letting me know!



(Gary) #7

Great looking Foundation site. Great animations.

(Paul Russam) #8

I’ve done a small RW project to show the basic principal of the page headers, you’ll need Foundation from JoeWorkman and Sections from BigWhiteDuck.

(Paul Russam) #9

The amazing thing about svg’s is their size, that file on the home page with the animation is only 37kb

(Dave Hughes) #10

Perhaps I should start educating myself then…


(Mathew Mitchell) #11

Even if you ignore the animation, SVGs are really worth learning about. They won’t replace photographs, but they often can replace JPG or PNG drawings. Typically an SVG is 10% of the size of a JPG. And, more importantly, it’s scaleable (that’s the “S” in SVG): this means no matter how big you display the SVG it won’t lose any of it’s original sharpness or clarity. It’s win-win all the way.

If you do hand-drawn sketches I find Image Vectorizer great for transforming from scanned PNG/JPG to SVG.

(Dave) #12

Fantastic work @PaulRussam! As I recall, you used Affinity Designer to create the SVG (in fact, I purchased AD after you showed me your logo in AD). But, unfortunately, I have no idea how you did it. If you know of any online tutorials, I’d appreciate it if you’d point me towards it.

Cheers! Dave

(Paul Russam) #13

I used Affinity to create all the graphics on that site which I then exported as svg’s, the logo on the landing page is a special case where I took the exported svg and then edited by hand in SublimeText to achieve the animation.
This is the site where I learned 90% of how to create/manipulate svg’s

(David W McQuarrie) #14

WHOW Paul, What a fantastic job you did on this site. I love its flow, use of colour, design elements, and the icon navigation is very cool. Really nicely done. I imagine the client is super pleased with it too.



(Craig Feldpausch) #15

Well done! real tight organization. In other words very well thought out beforehand, Keep up the good work