❗️New - Time Circles stack

New Time Circles stack , countdown timer in the form of circles, with various settings.


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Hi, it looks great but seems to gave scaling problems on mobile.

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Hmm, on my old iPhone and iPad everything is fine, nothing goes beyond the borders.

I see same in my responsive testing views.

Jannis, I tested in the emulator in RW 8.1, with different resolutions, everything was fine. And looking at the screenshots, this view appears on the Androyd.

iPhone and Safari:

It’s OK on my Huawei P20 in landscape mode but in portrait I get this:

Simulators/emulators are fine for development, but before deployment you really have to test on real world devices. This is the same for websites and stacks etc.


How interesting! Should I have all devices with different systems? In addition, these stacks are mostly good for desktops and tablets.
Look now, it should fit.

Looks the same to me. With a fixed canvas width of 565px (how it is now) this is what I see:

I changed the width to 98% and:

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@Wondrous I certainly don’t think you can rely on emulators. What you need in this case is a bit of code which splits the display into a single column below a certain break point. Your list of stacks displayed perfectly.

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It’s entirely up to you. One my desk I have a Mac (obviously), Windows in a VM (for testing in Edge/IE), an iPad, an iPhone, my regular Android phone and an Android tablet.

I jump into them periodically during development to ensure everything works, then check each page before final deployment. But you don’t have to, you can just trust emulators, I just choose not too.

Obviously having all these devices is no guarantee as it doesn’t factor in different OS versions and screen sizes, but it gets me 90% of the way there.

I wouldn’t have each time circle stack on small screens, it would take up far too much real estate, I’d drop the mili sec circle and stack them 2x.

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Time Circle stack updated.
Version 1.0.1 - Responsive improved.

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Resizing like that does the trick on my Anrogenoid (!) phone and it’s still quite big enough to see.

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