New to RW from iWeb

Hi All,

I have recently purchased RW for personal use, and need help/advice on what additional themes/addons I would need to purchase to produce a site along the lines of

This is my website that I created using iWeb, and still maintain using iWeb. It was fairly simple to create using iWeb that I use to share pics with friends/family.

I’m struggling to understand what I need to purchase to recreate something similar using RW. It’s the replicating the album pages that contain multiple albums, where each album contains many images that I am having difficulty with:

  1. Can this be done using just the standard RW themes?
  2. If not, which themes/addons would you recommend

The RW created site does not have to replicate all the features of the iWeb created one, but I do like the ‘My Albums’ approach, but I’m willing to look at other alternatives if you can point me to good examples.

Thanks in advance.

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You should be able to replicate your site using RW’s built-ins.

You’ll have to “rethink” your albums listings - the links you have are just menu options that point to a page that points to the albums themselves. Using your own preview image, you could then set up the appropriate image/text links on the page just as the albums are currently laid out.

A little CSS and you’ll be able to style your preview image just like those as well.

You might consider having a single page, which is your menu entry, that lists albums (probably from newest to oldest). The remaining pages would not be shown in the menu - that’s a lot of menu items otherwise. So, your menu would be Welcome, Albums, About.

Yes you can do that with RW, and easier than iWeb but it takes a bit of organization and planning.

You may need stacks and I like the Iris theme.

The only think I keep iWeb around for is a page with a number of photos thrown on it as its so much easier to drag/drop/position/resize images.