New UIkit3 Project: Dog Groomer


I’ve recently added a new project to the UiKitter store… Dog Groomer.

Dog Groomer is demo’d for a dog groomer but can easily be adapted for any pet (or human) groomer. It’s a single page project which uses cool round buttons to navigate up and down the page, and presents the cookie and privacy policies in modals.

You can launch Dog Groomer “as-is” for your own or a clients site, or use it as the basis for something different.

The core project is built using native UIkit3 stacks, but for this project I also added in a few optional extras, detailed below.

  • UIkit3 Form Date Picker stack by @Ricardo Get it here This is a paid-for stack, available on its own or with some additional UIkit3 stacks. It’s a great add-on which adds real functionality to the native UIkit3 form stack. If you chose not to purchase it simply remove the date picker from the form in Groomer.
  • Cookie Beautifier By @el_mourabbi Get it here Another paid for stack, but well worth it IMO. It turns the native Rapidweaver cookie warning from something downright ugly to something (nearly) beautiful. Again, if you don’t wish to purchase, simply remove it from the project, the in-built cookie warning will still work.
  • Bevel by @tav Get it here. A free stack that adds cool shapes to your project. I’ve used it for content dividers. If you don’t want to use it, remove it from the project. But why would you? It’s free and excellent. Just remember to donate to Tav here

See the demo for Dog Groomer here.

Buy it today for only €9 here


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