Newbie question about navigation

Mmmm? - It SHOULD preview in RW as per s/s:

If you don’t see that then it’s not your project file, maybe a re-install of RW or submit a support email to RW.

You don’t need a SPECIFIC app for building a site, just the Stacks plugin to start with and any free or purchased additional Stacks you want. You can get the demo version of stacks from here: Stacks 5 Plug-In

At some stage you might want to consider adding either Foundation or Foundry but just the Stacks plugin on it’s own would go a long way to help build a website.

Are you previewing in full screen?

Is your preview open to at least 995px?

If not your menu maybe colapsed, you should see a small down facing triangle click on it.

Evening Doug,

Yes, I preview in full screen mode.

The downward arrow shows while in RW but I can only preview in Safari not RW.


Evening Doug,

I always preview in full screen mode.

There is the downward pointing arrow on the screen in RW preview as you mention.


That downward pointing triangle is the toggle for mobile navigation. The offroad navigation needs a screen width of about 992px to display Full navigation. If you click on that triangle, it should display a dropdown of your navigation items.
If you preview in Safari and grab the edge of the browser and shrink it down, you will see the menu disappear, and the triangle replaces it.

Don’t know what size screen your using, but with the side inspector open and the source tree (on the left) open you may not have enough space to display the full menu.
Try it with the inspector closed (right side) and the source tree is hidden through the view menu (or opt>command>L).

Maybe if you take some screenshots of what you are seeing in RapidWeaver so we know what you are looking at.

@runedog As a new Mac user it might help to know screenshots are Command+Shift+3 for fullscreen or Command+Shift+4 and draw a selection.

Thanks very much guys, I will take a couple of screen shots today and let you see what I’m experiencing.

Thanks for your time guys

Here you. go, two screenshots of what I see in preview in RW:

Thanks guys

You are seeing the mobile navigation, do a full screenshot (Command+Shift+3) so we can see what is all going on.

Here you go Robert

OK, looks like you might be on a small screen, I am guessing an 11" MacBook of some kind??? Let’s remove that left list of pages by going to view and down to Hide Source List.

Then to get it back, go to view and Show Source List

You can also use the key combination Command+Option+L

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I am running a Macbook Pro 15".

I will try that but I cannot see how that will sort the preview issue out but, thank you for the advice.


Hi Robert,

Yea :slight_smile: that did make preview work OK :slight_smile: Very, very pleased with that; a huge thank you my friend.

RW is functioning correctly. What is happening is that the the window size you are viewing is too narrow to show the navigation bar as a main nav bar so it is collapsing down as it is supposed to do on smaller screens. You are seeing the result of “responsive” layout. (if you make only one page active so you have one navigation tab it will show in your preview as it’s small enought to fit.) What you see is different depending upon the screen size. Large nav bars don’t fit on small laptop, tablets, and mobile… thus… the menu collapses. With a properly built responsive site the layout will be different as you design for different sizes.

Take some time to learn a bit about responsive layout. Simply visit sites on the web and then drag your browser window smaller and bigger and watch the layout change.

A lot of themes don’t even use a full size main nav bar anymore. Just the down arrow icon as you see or more typically a menu icon. Visit sites and learn about this “responsive” design before you get too involved in making your pages.

By the way… in RW you can see this easily in Preview mode. Go into Preview and then note the gray area between the page panel on the left and the main window. Grab the right edge of the gray (where the gray an white meet) and drag to the right making the preview area smaller. As you design you want to do this to make sure you page “flows” properly at all different sizes. Note that the Preview button has built in table and phone sizes for proofing.

I highly recommend that you obtain Stacks3 as that will give you the tools you need to make very nice responsive pages.

Think you meant that to be to Graham

Glad it is working for you now. Have a great day!

Thank you so much guys for all your help.

Edited the other post… thanks Robert… my mistake…

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