No entry to website after uploading to HOST

After uploading my website to the host, I receive an blue-coloured screen
with: This website is not available.

When I use the name of the website follwed by /index.htm
the website is working. In this website I used BLOG… after
clicking on BLOG I do get the colured screen: This website is not available.

Is there an error in BLOG? Do I have to delete all of the js-script?
I used one of the RW 6 Themes.


pretty hard to see whats happening without a url

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Your right…

Okay lets see…

  1. do you have tidy website links turned on in settings (spanner wrench / advanced)
  2. is that page actually set as your home page (right click on page & select set as home page)
  3. make sure you don’t have both an index.php and an index.html in the directory (I don’t think this is the problem though)

Show a screen shot of the page info in the UI

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Thank you…
ad 1.
I don’t know where to look for tidy website links… there is ni such thing as spanner Wrench / advanced.
ad 2.
This is not my homepage yet…

ad 3.
I probably think there is an index.php as well as a index.html.
After typing victorjj/index.php I do receive the error-page.

Maybe I have to look between the FTP files at my HOST.

I think I solved the problem.

In GENERAL SETTINGS… I used two different extesions: HTML and PHP.
After repairing this… It is all . PHP now
and uploading this trialwebsite again… it is okay now.

Thanks again for opening my eyes…


for future reference:

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