No product, No support, WTH?

Have been having a ball converting sites to RW7 but I decided I needed to fill in a few gaps and take kick it up a level by learning more of the finer detail so I took RMS up on the cybermonday offer of the training videos for $89. That was LAST WEEK and I still don’t have even an email about the order much less the videos. (or for that matter whether they are DVD, downloadable or view online videos)
Have been going back and forth with support at the rate of ONE EMAIL PER DAY… but they can’t understand that the email that they say is being sent is not being sent or being sent wrong as it is not even arriving in my mail SERVER. (not client…I’m and ISP)
So far I have discovered that RMS uses 4 domains to conduct business. realmacsoftware, zendesk, paddle and discoursemail. Sadly, even knowing this, I still do not have a product.

ANyone have any suggestions on how to get through toe RMS and get the videos or am I at the point of asking for a refund? (and yes, I have been going through all the free videos… )

Experience with the RW7 has been great… with the company …not good at all.

Hey Doug,

We had a lot of inquiries during the sale period so i do apologize for the delay in response.

I’ve resent your order emails 2x already - and I believe you’ve already confirmed there was nothing in spam/junk?

Can you send me a different email we can get these order emails over to?

Apologies for the hassle this has been!

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try sending it to (edited out - hope it sent you an email. . I do not like my emails in plain view in the wild. )

Once I see the email I’ll backtrace in our server to find out if it came in and if not, why not. (most commonly it is because a third party email server is not configured properly and does not authenticate that they can send valid emails for the other party)

Hey Doug,

Just tried resending the order emails + download links to the new email provided - just replied to your open ticket.

Do let me know if that comes through. We hope to get you sorted!

I have received all the emails with links. Thanks
They were all from

I went back to my email server logs and postmaster account and found 1 and only 1 email from paddle that was sent to me on the day of the purchase. It was the receipt. It was bounced because it came from an IP that is known for a very high percentage of spam and we need to intervene and white list it. Paddle was white listed the next day but they had stop trying 12 hours after the purchase. (if had come from realmacsoftare it would have come right through.

There are no other recorded attempts to send me any emails.

Glad to hear those came through.

Paddle handles all payment processing + digital file delivery - we thought this would provide the best experience possible for our customers. We’ll make note of the white list issue and see what can be done (this isn’t the first time that has happened).

Also, so you don’t think we’ve been pulling your leg about sending emails - here’s a quick screencast of my attempt to resend your emails (every date stamp in the right is a different attempt / session):

Thanks for your patience throughout all of this, Doug! I trust we’ll be able to help you resolve this much quicker next time.

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