(null) Support in Help menu

In RapidWeaver 7.1 Help menu, when a RapidCart Pro page is selected, I see “(null) Support” link pointing to our help section.

Do we need to add something in the plugin .plist file to show plugin name?

In addition, “Get Web Hosting” points to a broken page and using some official themes, like Offroad, “Offroad Support” points to a non-existing URL.

Hi Roberto,

Thanks for reporting this. To confirm, I can replicate this issue (and it’s something we’re doing wrong - not you). We’ll have it fixed up shortly.

All you need to do is return something in your -pluginName method, and that’ll end up there. You’re already doing that, so you don’t need to do anything else :slight_smile:



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Thank you, Simon, for your prompt reply.