Number of submissions on a form based on the choice

Is there any way to limit the number of submissions on a form based on the choice?

We have a situation where we are setting up a registration form for a group of seminars - each of the 5 locations can accommodate a different number of people, so the maximum registrations are different.

Select the seminar you would like to attend:
A. New Orleans (Limit 100 submissions)
B. Baton Rouge (Limit 75 submissions)
C. Lafayette (Limit 50 submissions)
D. Shreveport (Limit 60 submissions).

ideally it would be much better if there was a kind of counter that showed the available places after each registration.

Any ideas on a way to manipulate this?

Many thanks in advance

There was a group I was working with that used Ecwidfor this purpose. They created a “product” for each seminar, set a quantity and priced it at $0,

I can’t remember all the options they used for the ‘form’ side but it worked well for their straightforward needs

Eventbrite? [ having to add a few more characters here - pointless, please ignore ]

@jabostick and @dudeneyge. thanks, I’ll take a look at both suggestion

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