Off topic and inappropriate posts

@dan & @ben – What is the procedure you wish us to follow for off topic and inappropriate posts on the forum? I’ve flagged vulgar posts, off topic posts, threads going off the rails and everything in between. People on the forum seem to have a problem with this, but they still post vulgarities and off-topic posts anyway. Some have even been banned for a time and still continue to do it.

Do you want us to flag this sort of stuff, or just leave it to the two part-time moderators?

If you are interested in things being flagged when appropriate, do you want each off-topic post in a thread flagged, or the whole thread being flagged as off-topic? For instance when you get a string of off-topic posts:

Flag them all? One? None? The main thread?

As for vulgarities – the Inappropriate flag doesn’t seem to to much good, as the vulgar post remains unless multiple people flag it. But many of them find it a joke instead:

In this case it is both off-topic and name calling… even if in jest.

If this isn’t something you all find a problem with, let me know and I’ll try to ignore it myself, or just stop reading a lot of these threads unless the deal with me directly.

It’s a really fine line, and I’m in a tricky situation and can’t win either way :frowning:

I personally don’t like their behaviour, but most of it is not enough to ban them, and flagging clearly just makes things worse. I just tried to skim/ignore them generally.

I’m not sure what the answer is, maybe email me directly with the issues in future.
I’m happy to bring down the ban hammer if they get too far out of line… maybe I should go zero tolerance, and just ban the lot of them. Thoughts?


I just want people to be nice to each other, is that really too much to ask?! :frowning:

It apparently is too much to ask of them. They make a negative environment for the casual user that comes looking for an answer to a problem. I feel like many in that group think it is a pub and not a support forum for a piece of software. I probably have too high an expectation for how they should behave admittedly.

Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying. Do you think I should ban the following users, and am I missing anyone off the list?

  • SteveB (steve bee)
  • Bioguy
  • 1611mac (Greg Schneck)


I dont think that you should ban those guys… I don’t feel that they have gone that far to warrant that in the threads that I have seen. For example, Steve B said “sh*t” but then edited it later. We are all adults here… yes, foul language can offend some people but its not worth banning for. As you said before, move on and ignore it.

Can Steve B be tough? Oh yeah! Funny thing is that he knows that he can be that way. That a is who he is. I have had some support conversations with him that would make most people’s skin crawl. However, I stuck to my guns and won him over. He remembers that and promotes my Email stacks to everyone because of it.

If you are looking to ban anyone… that @LaPan guy can be a real prick! :wink:

(that last part was a joke)

I don’t know if they deserve to be banned outright, but I do believe they should probably be warned that if they can’t act like adults that they could very well face that outcome.

That being said, SteveB has already been banned once for name calling directed toward another user (and likely his overall attitude in that same thread where it happened) in the now unlisted “Nice behavior from Yuzoolthemes :(” thread. Instead of learning from that ban he seems to continue to act the exact same way.

But is it worth turning off possible newer users to the platform in order to cater to someone who doesn’t obviously know how to act in a public support forum, even after he’s already been banned once for bad behavior?

Doesn’t that make it worse, not better? He acts up, gets told not to, but continues to do so because “that’s who he is”… Seems like someone who just doesn’t care to me.

It’s not my forum and I’m not a moderator here, so I can’t make calls about banning people, etc, but the above is how I feel about the situation. I’ve stopped participating in the forums as much lately because of the shift in attitude of some of the users over the last few years. I know it is the vocal minority of users that is the loudest and are the ones that are a turnoff to using the forum for me, so I doubt I’m the only one.

Or, maybe I am and I’m just out of touch with how people should act now in a support forum.

I’m taking a harder line on users from here on out. I want the forum to be a friendly place, and yes I think a few spoil it for the many.

I’ve silenced SteveB’s account for life as he’s been flagged over 20 times and has already been banned before. I’ve had enough. He can still log in and browse, he just can’t post.

I’ve issued 1611mac with a silence ban for just two weeks, he’s posts have been flagged over 10 times.

Bioguy seems okay and has only been flagged once. I’ve left his account as is for now.

I’ll keep an eye on the other troublemakers, and issues warnings more regularly if users aren’t playing nice.



ban hammer time


i suppose i should be more sympathetic, but seriously??? if you’ve had that many previous issues and you’re still flaunting it — nope — sorry — that’s A LOT of warning — no sympathy.

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I feel like everything you’ve outlined here is completely fair, Dan.

Sorry. I disagree with the bans. But its not my forum. @dan is the boss!

Both of these users are on my community and I don’t have issues with anything like this. To be honest, I don’t know why.

@joeworkman: You said the above about SteveB. If those things were posted on your forum instead of in a private message you’d have had a problem with him. I’ve had problems with this user calling others names on the Foundry forum, and more, creating a negative environment for other users seeking support. He got mad enough when I closed one of his threads that he let fly with a pretty horrific private messages to me and then he removed himself from the Foundry forum.

Perhaps he just likes you or thinks he shares something with you and behaves because of it on your forum. But he’s not exercised that same restraint here on the Realmac Software forum.