Official Theme - where's my logo?

(Linda Johnson) #1

I made a site using Official. The logo on the site is not showing online. I’ve tried changing from a gif to a jpg, reloading several times, trying retina and non-retina versions but it still doesn’t show online.
Any help would be appreciated.

(scott williams) #2

Almost impossible to help with out a site URL other than asking if you have it checked in site setup.

(Linda Johnson) #3

Thanks Scott. The logo is definately in the setup and shows offline.
The work in progress is here:


(scott williams) #4

What type of file are you using for your logo?
the file name it is trying to load is:
I suspect that the .sm is throwing things off although I can’t be sure.

I would rename the file WBPS-Logo-sm.jpg if its a jpeg file put it in again and republish.

(Linda Johnson) #5

Thanks! you’re a genius :slight_smile:
This is strange because the original file was
It looks like the theme has only read up to the first dot. So I changed it to a dash and reloaded and now it’s working. Couldn’t have seen that one coming!

(scott williams) #6

Glad your up and going :+1:t2::grinning: