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I see this has been asked before, but it was 3 years ago, so I’ll try again.

I’m part of a group that does fundraising for local charities. With all of the coronavirus stuff, essentially every event is being cancelled so we’re trying to see if we can pull off an online event. It would be a super simple system (vote for one of three options) but we’d need it to be able to keep votes anonymous (ideally) and limit it to one per person (without having an honerous login/registration process, ideally).

Any ideas/experience with voting systems? It doesn’t need to be RW-specific, but that’d be a bonus…

We have an excellent experience with Simply Voting.


If others wander by this topic, another option I found is OpaVote: It looks like it’ll fit our needs and is quite a bit cheaper than other options I’ve come across.

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