Only Firefox not displaying correctly - G-Sheet

could somebody please check this address
in Firefox (if possible Win and OS) and can tell me why the symbols are not positioned correctly?

Working fine in Safari and Chrome.
Site is build with Platform, G-Sheet getting data from Google docs.
Thanks in advance,

Weird. When the page loads in Firefox on OSX, all icons look fine. When you re-size the browser window, all the icons stay in the correct place except the thumbs up next to Bella. If you change to a smaller size window and reload the page, the icons return to their correct place except for Bella.

Hope this helps a little.


Thank youRob,
for checking. It is weird because all of the items are “one” item which is repeated getting data from the google doc. So one item cannot behave different to others. Logically.
We’ll see, perhaps more code savvy people can find something.
Thanks again.

I get the same behavior as Rob lays out (using Firefox in Windows) where the issue shows up only after re-sizing the browser. In the inspector there’s an error/warning that doesn’t exist in Chrome:

This site appears to use a scroll-linked positioning effect. This may not work well with asynchronous panning; see for further details and to join the discussion on related tools and features!

I have no clue if that’s related at all, just noticed that it wasn’t there in Chrome…

Also, for whatever it’s worth, as I’m playing around in the browser inspector… If I uncheck the setting highlighted in the screenshot, it seems to fix things.

flex-direction: column;

I don’t know if that’s a setting in G Sheet (or if I’m just talking out of my backside)… You’ll probably want to talk to @weavium I’m guessing…

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Thanks Jason,
that could indeed be the reason. This is connected with G-Sheet’s layout (btw. the framework is Platform not source).
I will fiddle around with the settings in the G-Sheet-Box stack which controls these things.
Thanks for highlighting this!

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