Overcoming RaidCart Pro problems

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I, like many posters here have had ongoing functionality and support issues with RCP4. It often feels like the support side of the 4GND are either too overwhelmed to help or are in contempt of you and your little complaint that prevents you from making a sale online. I had multiple issues with RCP4 that only got attention when PayPal came into the picture. Most of the issues surrounding RCP4 are RTFM related or the users interpretation of the manual. The “select a payment method” which plagues most new users of the plug-in is created by not having API keys and API secret set or the live and test keys inversely installed. The one thing that the manual doesnt tell you is that testing a sale should be done with your site uploaded to its final resting place. Testing locally on your computer raises an error. To the uninitiated, RCP4 is a very complex bit of software and takes a lot of time to get your head around, but at the ends of the day it is a very flexible and competent plug-in that covers most e-commerce needs.

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