Owl-Carousel gallery

How can I include this kind of carousel in a RW project. I prefer to use it in a stack. Or is there a stack availible?


Example in this wonderful site : http://edithbukovics.com/index.php

This site is made with Joe Workman’s Foundation.

Thanks in advance

I’ve had a lot of success with this - also by Joe :slight_smile:

Can someone guide me to add this jquery to my website? Can this be done with a HTML stack?

Joe Workman’s Sliders Bundle contains five Stacks, each of which allows you to slide, rotate, flip or otherwise animate Stack elements - such as those at the Edith Bukovics and Owl Carousel sites you directed us to as examples.

Since Sliders is a Stack, it’s all WYSIWYG. The Owl looks like a set of routines not specifically designed for RapidWeaver, and so would require some knowledge of HTML, JavaScript in general and JQuery in particular.

In theory the instructions here suggest it’s pretty straightforward: you’d use the Header, CSS and JavaScript setting in the third-from-the-left boxes of the RW Inspector. If you haven’t done this before, The Joe Workman bundle would be easier and possibly less prone to frustration…

Good luck!

@iMac I think this is what you’re looking for: http://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/owl.html

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Thanks, I will take a closer look to these stacks.

I wonder how the off canvas menu in the http://edithbukovics.com/index.php website works. When clicking on the hamburger icon, the menu does not covers the upper image.

When clicking on the hamburger icon (off-canvas), the menu stays on top of the page. How can it stay equal with the hamburger?