Someone from Paddle emailed me unsolicited yesterday to try and get me on a Skype call. He mentioned @dan in his email. Not sure if he’s speaking on behalf of you all (Realmac) or just trying to name drop. What’s that all about?

Same here … Harrison Rose

Ditto, same here but have not talked to them…

As we’re moving over to Paddles we’ve been working with them closely. Harrison mentioned that he was going to reach out to other developers in the RW community - I said I thought it’d be fine.

If you’re not interested just tell him. I do however think it’d be worth you guys chatting to them - you’ll find they offer a great service and are really receptive.

Any questions, just shout :slight_smile:

I’m very happy with Cartloom. Keeps it all in the family as well…



Mike has been very good to me through the years and I’m not sure there is anything that could lure me away from Cartloom.

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I am moving right now to Paddle :slight_smile:

Sheesh, I start this thread, but forgot to subscribe to it to be notified. Just realized there were a bunch of replies…

Paddle just isn’t an option for me here. And I suspect it isn’t a good option for any US developers. Since Paddle collects and pays VAT it means their fees are so much higher than CartLoom. These higher fees would lead to having to drive up the cost of products just to pay the additional fees.

CartLoom provides me the perfect solution.

Is Paddle contacting us for a reason? I ask because I never signed up on their site for anything. Hadn’t heard of them until you guys mentioned switching over to them. Is this for some kind of in-app purchasing, revenue split sort of thing?

Admittedly, I am reading between the lines here and could be totally off base and do not mean anything negative in my post …

I am assuming that the integration of Paddle will be for some sort of RW7 Market that is built into RW7 itself. Perhaps with RMS taking a cut of any sales that are completed via this portal.

Again, that is just an assumption.

I have sent an email to Harrison to try to learn more information. I encourage you all to do the same to at least find out what they might know.

The fees at Paddle can be discussed with Harrison, you have a chance you will get better rates than they offer, just give it a try. I am getting better rates for my low priced products than FastSprings 8.9% :slight_smile:

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There are no concrete plans as yet, but Garry is on the right track :slight_smile:

We want to make it easy for users to buy addons, and for you guys to sell more. We don’t want to be a re-seller or handle payment for you guys (I know you lot don’t want that either). Hence why we’d all need to use the same payment vendor for this to work nicely.

We want the 3rd party community to continue to thrive. We believe Paddle will be able to offer us a great solutions whereby everyone manages their own products, but everything can be sold through Paddle and once users have an account it’ll be almost one click to buy any add-on.

Just imagine being able to one-click buy and install an add-on from within RapidWeaver. That’s the goal.

Again, this is all in theory and I don’t have any concrete plans yet. I want to ship RW7 first before we dig into this further. As soon as we have a plan I’ll let you guys know.

Hope that helps a little.

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It all sounds nice, but if being included requires Paddle I’ll have to be out unfortunately. :frowning:

If CartLoom could be included, since a huge majority of the U.S. developers use CartLoom, that would be awesome!

I agree with @elixir - it’s too cost prohibitive for me to use Paddle, and almost all U.S. based devs use Cartloom.


I like Cartloom but things like this drives me crazy:

This is affecting not only my shopping cart today Sunday 17, but also JWorkman, Nimblehost and NCates to name a few that I tested.

I have moved all my products to Paddle now. Anything else we can already do? Is it wise to edit all addons and put the direct buy link on the community page or is there something else to consider before doing so?

You can go ahead and change your URL’s, but the real tight integration won’t happen util l we’ve shipped RW7 :slight_smile:

I’ll post more details here on the forum in the next few months!