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(Matthias) #1

Hi everybody,

I am currently working on a website (and I admit I am new to this) using rapidweaver, stacks, foundations an a bunch of other stuff. What I woul like to achieve is that users can comment on individual pages. So I post a site and users can comment, pretty much like a blog. However, I want them to have to register/login before they can comment. What would be the best way to get there?

thx, Matthias

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

You can use the Disqus commenting system on regular pages as well as blogs. Probably the simplest way to go.

(David) #3

There are a few stacks for Disqus if you’re using Yourhead Stacks plug-in, as well as a stack that uses it’s own commenting system:

(Gary Wann) #4

I use Sitelok with the Blab plugin. Sitelok looks after all the membership registration and Blab is a simple commenting system.

(Matthias) #5

Hi everybody,

many thanks for your help and replies. One question regarding sitelok, though. My understanding so far ist, that it makes whole pages member-only. What I would like to achieve, is having only a portion of each page (i.e. the part where people can post comments) member-only. So basically, I would have the content part of a page, that is public, and a commenting part, that is member-only, but both on the same page. The reason is that I do want comments to be on the page they relate to, but I don’t want just anyone to be able to leave comments, I want to at least know who they are. Is that possible using sitelok?

I hope I am making sense.

thx, Matthias

(Matthias) #6

P.S. forgot to mention: I do use Stacks.

(Matthew Long) #7

Sitelok allows you to have both ‘public’ and ‘member-only’ content on the same page.

For example, you could have the following code to only allow access to ‘GOLD’ members:

<?php if (sl_isactivememberof("GOLD")){ ?>

html code to be displayed only for logged in active members of GOLD

<?php } ?>

Note that this function will only allow you to restrict access to your own embedded HTML/PHP code, and it can’t restrict access to a specific stack. However, if you plan on using it to embed a Disqus commenting function then this is easily done. You can simply insert the Disqus embed code in the example above, and it will do everything you want.

(Gary Wann) #8

Joe Workman’s Sitelok stacks ( an add-on for Sitelok) make it even easier to mix and match public and protected content on a page. No messing about with code required as it’s all done with the stacks.

(Matthias) #9

Thanks for that! Do you have a link for me, so I can look at this in action?

rgds, matthias

(Gary Wann) #10

Your’e not going to see much matthias, as it’s in my Sitelok protected member area :sunglasses:

(Matthias) #11

see your point :grinning: