Page Flux - New RapidWeaver Stack Release

Page Flux is a RapidWeaver stack that adds fluid loading animations in-between the pages of any RapidWeaver website. Simply drag and drop it in your project and get access to 29 animation options that are supported in all modern browsers (IE10+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge). With the help of PlusKit, you can even use this stack in non-stack plugin pages. Page Flux works in any RapidWeaver theme or stack’s framework like Pure for RapidWeaver and Joe Workman’s Foundation.

Check it out:

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This looks good…i have been trying to use the discount code since yesterday but its not valid it says it expires today

@rolisize I just fixed the discount code - should work now.

thanks for the reply…purchased!

Not the answer to slow-loading pages, of course, but very nice. Bought.