Parse error in Booking stack Yuzool


Can anyone help me to fix this problem with the Booking stack? When I disable the end date in the stack, the following parse error appears:

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘)’ in /private/var/folders/3p/3ld_khfd02sfz083n5npwzvw0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/37588/document-0x6080003fba00/RWDocumentPagePreview/index.php on line 241

Does anyone know how to fix this? I already wrote to Yuzool more the a week ago but I didn’t get a reaction. I use the stack at the moment for a restaurant, so I don’t need an end time. I already have updated to RapidWeaver 8, and I use de the latest version of Booking, but the problem still exists.




With that info there’s probably not a lot that most folks here will be able to offer. It looks like there’s an error in the php script, but what the error is, or why it has come to be are not possible to say.

But some of the basics are probably a good idea to check:

  • Php Version
    make sure that your web server has a version of php that’s compatible with the script. If Yuzool’s stack says it requires a specific version, check with your host to make sure that’s installed.

  • Double check your settings
    Complex scripts often have complex settings to configure. Sometimes configuring them poorly will lead to unfriendly errors like the one above. Make sure that all the necessary parts of the stack are configured correctly.

  • Other scripting errors
    If you’ve added analytics, or other scripts, or other HTML/CSS temporarily remove those things to make sure that your own scripts aren’t the cause of the error. You can do this on a copy of the file or a copy of the page and publish to a test location if you like.

  • Other Incompatibilities
    Try the stack with nothing else on the page. It could be that some other stack on the page is interacting in an unexpected way.

Hopefully by the time you’ve tried a few of those @yuzool will have returned your email. :smiley: Also: double check your spam folder to make sure that Yuzool’s responses aren’t being hidden.



Thanks @Negreb for writing in again :slight_smile:

I replied with a temporary fix until the Stack update could be released but have pushed that out today:

You’ve just been sent email updates about this and also can update from within RapidWeaver 7 or 8.

Let me just take a moment to thank @isaiah for his thorough and very detailed answer over the weekend especially. But also as it was super helpful, unassuming and supportive.

:pray: High Five!


Thank you very much for your help @yuzool. I’m so glad the problem is fixed. I use the stack for the website of client, a restaurant, and he kept complaining about the booking form on his site. Thanks Michael for fixing the problem.

Also many thanks to @isaiah for your solution.

Have a great weekend,



Awesome @Negreb :slight_smile:
Great work!


I had the same issue and have emailed the developer, yuzoo, no response from them. I am glad someone else has noticed the issue and finally the it was fixed. I still can’t start using this stack in real world yet as the booked slots are not greyed out in pull down menu when people try to book the same slot. Also the booking data is row cvs file in the ‘file’ directly which I am not sure if my clients information (email address) are safe. I am asking here by hoping I can hear from the developer. Admin screen would be wonderful in near future. Thank you for developing the stack. It is almost perfect.

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Thanks and glad it is a"almost there" for you

  • admin screen maybe :slight_smile:
  • the file is password protected and you can make it a long/unscrambled URL
  • the “grey” out has been talked about in another thread, it can be done manually by adding the dates in the stack and republishing. Auto syncing is something to be added in the future hopefully

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