Partials updating takes a long time

I have a 140 page site and use partials in a lot of places. Yesterday I had to make a change in the footer which required the partials to update all 140 pages. My question is about the blue dot, meaning page has been updated, it takes a long while for the blue dots to appear, sometimes they never seem to appear. Is there something I need to do to get the blue dots to appear or do I just republish the entire site. My problem with republishing the entire site, how do I know the other 139 pages have been updated?
Does somebody know what I should do?

A bug in stacks which - I think - @isaiah is looking into. For now, the pages are updated even though you do not see the blue dot and you should republish all.

Thanks that is what I did and it worked. But when you are building a site you like to see the blue dots, especially when the partials is only for a group of pages, to make sure, that the partials is correctly installed on the pages you want.

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