Particle OS is Getting Inteligence!

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #1

###Particles OS
Demo Site

I’m working on a new Total CMS Project Template and some stacks to go with it.

Have a look at the demo and create your own “user account”!

There will be more features added soon so if you create a profile you will be able to check it out throughout the development process.



(Christopher Watson) #2

Some rough stuff going on there mate.

(Jan Fuellemann) #3

Well, I would have a second look at the pictures. And delete them. Instantly!

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #4

Due to someone posting content that was not appropriate for everyone I have had to update the project.

From now on all new accounts and edits will be hidden until manually approved.



(Brandon Scott Corlett) #5

Just added Chatterbox to the demo. Listening to The Zeebster’s Message cracks me up.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #6

Just updated the demo with the ability to set your own password.

If you have not set your password you will be able to login to your account by clearing the password field and then pressing the “delete” key.

Once logged in you can click on “edit” and set your password on the admin page.


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #7

@zeebe wins the most secure password on the demo award. :grin:

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #8

Don’t remember ever changing it! :slight_smile:

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #9

You can now set your own hint. If you would like to keep your account private than please change the hint so that it does not show the password.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #10

I will be closing the open sign up for test accounts on the Particle OS Demo soon.

Feel free to create an account if you would like to watch this grow and make requests.



(scott williams) #11

when I click join I get a screen with a grey textured background - rest is blank

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #12

Sorry about that, forgot I had already placed a Particle Protect Stack on there.

Head to the Sign Up page and you should be golden.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #13

The Sign Up form is now locked down. If you would like to join the demo site simply send me a private message.



(Brandon Scott Corlett) #14

I’m working on some updates to Chatterbox. Have a look at
using Google Chrome on a desktop or android device and let me know what features you spot. :wink:

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #15

I’m surprised no one has been changing the color of my lights yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: