Passwords for add ons

I recently updated to Rw 8.2 on my laptop and had to reinstall all my themes and add ons from my iMac. Everything looked good but when I click on a stack it asks for a password even for free items. Seems like everystack needs a new password. Where do I find these passwords?

TW 8.03 is the latest general release. 8.1 is in final beta. Add-ons (stacks themes etc) don’t usually have a “password”. Are you talking about your MacOS password? Are you talking about a license key? Maybe a screenshot would help.

Here is what I’m getting. Never seen this before. It pops up when I drag the stack into the project. In this case it’s the button stack.

You can retrieve your serial number from the yourhead website

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Ok I solved it. I needed to re-enter my original stacks password key from way way back. Now it works.

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