PayLoom3 ProGeneral settings

I am totally confused on the General settings. Do I have to use every single one of those settings or should I leave them blank if I’m not sure what to do with them. Do I also need to change the number that they put in under the folder name? And I’m not sure after even reading the description on the website what I should do on this page. I really do need a lot of help with this. Can anyone Help me on this?.

Not sure what to do with the following: (read the page but no clue still)

  1. link Key

  2. PDT Token

  3. Direct Order Button

  4. Folder name…keep the code that is in this space?

Can anyone help here???

No responses yet…

Would like to finish this page once I know the answers…thanks…


Are you using standard or pro version?

In both versions, there is the ? on the left hand side that gives you more details on using the plugin, have you perused through those pages (That’s the built in help system).

PDT Token - Paypal Generated for you, follow link in instructions pointed about above

Direct Order button - Do you want to enable direct order button )Checked = yes, uncheck = no) - more in the help files

Folder Name - MAKE THIS UNIQUE TO YOU AND YOUR SITE AND RANDOM (LIKE A PASSWORD, but use only alpha-numeric characters, underscores and dashes.

Link Key - This is (like the help file says) Should be set to a unique encryption key that is used to create secure download links. Any random word will do but you must keep this value secret.


Thanks for responding it means a lot. I am using the pro version.

PDT Token… The page link doesn’t work here. So that’s sort of confusing to me still. I would assume I have to do this on PayPal account? No clue on this one.

Link Key… So I create a word (also know as a Encryption key) that is secure and only I know it…is that correct.

I placed that Word or combination of word and numbers in there. Do I need to use this for any specific reason or does it automatically generate that when the program is functioning. That’s what confuses me on this one. When do I need to use this Secret value?


No Problem, I was out this morning dropping the Mrs off to Jury Duty so had a chance to do some shopping lol.

The page link should take you to another area of the instructions to explain IPN and PDT as well as just underweight that, what page of your site to link to in your Paypal account for order submission and auto return from the order completion through Paypal.

So, Yes, you have to create a Paypal account, go through the motions to set up and set up PayLoom 3 Pro to use your unique Paypal information through PayLoom 3 Pro.

Link Key - yes, encryption key, this is used during set-up only, PayLoom 3 Pro uses it in it’s php files that it & RapidWeaver generate on publish for allowing instant download links.


I do have a PayPal account and in my previous version of Payloom work just fine on RW5…

The link on this page for PDT Token does not work…

On Link Key …do I make up one that’s just nonsensical numbers and letters?

Are you in the USA? Can we talk on the phone some evening? if not no problem…my web site


In Canada, depending on which coast you are nearer lol… I’m closer to East coast.

Don’t use the link for PDT from Zendesk, use your Paypall login and account at Paypal, the PDT is provided through there for you to copy and paste into PayLoom 3 Pro

Link Key: I would try to give it as much randomness as possible and then make a custom entry in your Password logging app (1Password or other) and record it so you don’t forget it if you need it. Just my 2 pence :wink:


I do not have long distance outside the USA so maybe we can FaceTime sometime. You can e-mail me off my web page.

I am in the middle of United States in Iowa.

Still a bit confused on PDT…will have to talk on this…

What is Link Key used for…confused on this as well…must be dance on this.


Link Key is encryption for files you set as instant downloadable… i.e., music file, book in pdf or pub or other format, application, etc.

You only need to enter it on the set-up page, PayLoom handles the rest for you. Basically the way it works (as I understand it) is that if you do not have the key, you can’t download the file from the download location, making your digital goods secure without purchase.

I’m not familiar with PauLoom prior to version 3 Pro so not sure on the differences. I also have not set up a PayPal account so can’t advise you on the side of things other than to suggest you maybe contact PayPal or search their FAQ’s

This is on my to do list in the near future, just have not gotten to it yet AND I changed my preferred e-store to RapidCart 4 Pro to be honest, but give me to the weekend to play and I’ll see what I can come up with if you get no support from YabDab support request on the PayLoom side of things (I have both and both registered so can play with both :slight_smile:) You might ask why… I tend to use various plugins/stacks for different things, I like to have options… if one is broken and the other is working (say with a RW upgrade) then I have a very quick solution to convert from one store type to another. This does not apply just to stores, but to stacks as well because you never know these days when someone will shutter their doors and leave you hanging (Fortunately that does not happen very often). Just a CYA thing for me :wink: