PaySnap 3 Help?

I am looking for a little help regarding an e-commerce solution I am trying to create using Repidweaver/Foundry 2/PaySnap3. I have been able to create the cart using these components and want to use Stripe for them to be able to pay. My question centers around once they have completed the checkout process - how can I access what they ordered to fullfill the order? The users will be purchasing multiple items in multiple colors and sizes, so just an order total is not helpful to the site’s owner when trying to fulfill these orders? If anyone else is using PaySnap3 for their cart solution, PLEASE help me understand how to make this work. Thank you

Paysnap doesn’t support this out of the box, unfortunately.

But if you setup your shop / shopping cart properly, Stripe tells you in the backoffice what products the client has ordered and sends the confirmation mail (it takes over the role of the backoffice).

You can try a demo here:
(Use the stripe test card: 4242 4242 4242 4242, expriy: 1/23, CCV: 123)

The order in the Stripe dashboard looks like this:

That should be okay for the most use cases for smaller shops.


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Thank you for your reply! So when you say backend what are the options for creating this (macintosh compatible). I am looking for a no to low code solution as I am not a web developer

As Heiko points out, the owner of the shop will be informed.
Set up stripe with the API codes (API keys) and all works.


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With RW/PaySnap you don’t have a order back-end like Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify or others.
But with Stripe, you have all products ordered in the dashboard as long as you put them correctly into PaySnaps shopping cart (see my example screenshots or try the demo page).

Your client just logs into his Stripe dashboard, checks the new payments and ships the goods listed in the payment (last screenshot). Job done.

I have some smaller client shops running this way, works like a charm.

Thank you - his current “backend” is a FileMaker Pro solution which actually serves as the front end of the database as well, but unfortunately it is cost prohibitive for using it as the front end anymore at $1800/year when this site is up for 3 months

It’s has been a while since I ever hosted FM pro in the web. I remember starting with the Lasso CGI before FileMaker came up with their own solution :slight_smile: (Good old times, I loved to work with FileMaker Pro for over a decade)

Shameless plug: check out my post about my recent stack suite. The demo furniture shop I linked in the post is done using RW, Stacks, PaySnap, Stripe (and PayPal, but that’s disabled for the moment) and Airtable.

Curious what you think about Airtable coming from an FMP background. I used and abuse the hell outta FMP over the years, wrote several quoting and inventory systems, and developed the service issue ticket tracking system used by the Apple stores for service and maintenance issues (they’re still using it) in FMP. Never did any web portal stuff with it, it was all either via corporate lan or lan over VPN.

How’s it for serious relational work? FMP was horrid at that stuff in the early years (repeating fields were a poor substitute for link tables) but eventually they got it to where you could pretty much do most of the stuff you’d do in SQL / Oracle / Sybase…

As for the cart stuff I’m heading in that direction once I get all the rest of the site stuff sorted.

I’d wanted to integrate “in AR” banners and buy stuff through the iOS API’s but have abandoned that as it’s very much phone model specific as to it’s support and once you author it into the USDZ files the older phones won’t even show the product in AR if that stuff is present, so I’ll just have to stick to the basics of showing it in AR if the client can deal with it. Maybe in few years down the pike when most folks have upgraded to a hardware platform that can support it. Will be leveraging Joe’s Agent stack a lot to identify when it’s safe to show the AR version of the product vs just the static stuff. Seems to be working ok so far.

Currently thinking Ekwid for cart as they have support for buy now single button stuff and it doesn’t look too tough to integrate. I like the downloadable cvs orders stuff as that’ll be easy to dump into Shippo for the actual shipping ends of things. Still not sure on a payment processor.

Any thoughts / gotchas would be greatly appreciated.

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