Photos warehousing – suggestions, please

My site becomes excessively photos-heavy. I would like to off-load my photos to a warehousing service site. Could you, please, recommend a good warehouse with free plans and privacy protection, where my photos will be visible only to me?

You don’t say where you are or give much info about the features you need apart from free and secure but Cloudinary might be worth a look:

@Rovertek If you work with Apple Photo, have a look at this one. There you are able to display iCloud Photostreams:

There’s too.
Comes with a free plan - up to 2 gb.
Same as – I believe.

@kryten – I’m on Long Island, NY. The only two features I care about is free and private. I’ll check out
@instacks , @defligra – I do not use Apple Photos. I work with Lightroom and PS. I will also give a try (finally, after all those years)…

Thank you all for your time.

Flickr may be just what you’re wanting. You can set to private or public. And you can do on a group by group basics. Free up to a terrabyte (perhaps more now). Perfect for web design as Flickr auto-creates several smaller versions of your photos that be friendlier in a web page.

@Mathew – Thanks, that sounds interesting…

Does anybody know of an add-on for making galleries of photos stored specifically with Amazon Prime Photos? I have an account there (unlimited photos plus 5GB for videos and other files) and I would love to be able to use that account for warehousing my RW photos.

Are those add-ons designed for a specific “warehouse”, or do they work with any of them?

Your question is tricky to answer. Originally you wanted privacy: so I don’t know if Amazon provides that protection. (Or maybe you mean something different from me when using the term “privacy” for the web.)

But a simple answer is, yes, you can still use links to Amazon to warehouse your images. What you do lose is the ability to link to an album or set of images (like Flickr). But for a lot of things I do, in fact most, I don’t need Flickr galleries but individual or small groups of images.

But … you said you had a large group of images. So as long as you don’t mind linking them to your website one-by-one over time then it’s no problem.

If there is an add-on for making Amazon galleries I don’t know of it.

It should be nice if somebody makes a stack which makes it possible to use a Synology NAS for photowarehousing. Safe and private and above cheap.

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@Mathew Actually, I am not sure if Amazon Prime Photos allows creating separate folders or not. It would certainly be helpful, because I could make a folder for each of my web galleries. I have to investigate that…

What I meant by ‘private’ was I don’t want to allow uninvited eyes or web spiders to see my photos. They are only for my family members’ viewing and they all have the password.

@tom_stalon Yes, but that would mean that my NAS needs to be online 24/7 with uninterrupted Internet access. I don’t know if I would be willing to commit to that…

Hi Mathew, I’m totally new to Flickr, I’m using WeaverPix to create a slide show, but I must make public the images to appear.
Could you please give me some instructions about where I select the smaller images version in Flickr?


@peppermint: I’m a little unsure what you are asking. To make images “public” or to find all image sizes? I’ll assume the latter.

First, I would highly recommend splurging on the 1.99 F-stop app as it makes the process of doing what you want faster/easier. And if time=money for you then that’s 1.99 very well spent.

Assuming you are at Flickr, and that you’ve selected a specific image, then you’ll see a little down arrow at the bottom right of each image. Click on it and you’ll see a selection of common sizes. There’s also a bottom option to “see all image sizes”. The link to use is now in your browser. For each sized image that url link will be a tad different.

Mathew, thank you very much for your kind and detailed response. That cleared my doubts.
I meant that to publish images in WeaverPix is mandatory to make them “public” on Flickr, which makes sense.


@peppermint: If interested you can find out more about F-stop here: