Picking media from grid and summarising afterwards

Hi helpers.
I’m trying to build a page where I’ve got a simple 3x3 (or more) image (or video, or text) grid. I want the user to be able to click on each tile, after which a small border appears around it to show that it was selected. Then underneath the grid there’s a little button that says ‘Send!’ and when clicking that, it will give a popup that says something like ‘you’ve selected , and . Are you sure? Would you like to submit? Fill in your email.’ When the user presses yes, it’ll send me an email or something with their emailadress and the items that they picked.
I’ve been looking everywhere for a simple interactive and responsive grid.
If nothing like that works, I’m thinking that I could add a little checkmark underneath each image? How would I do that?

Thanks in advance!

The easiest non-code way would be to use a form stack that allows other stacks within it. If you happen to be using foundation, that firm could do it. I’m sure others could as well.

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