Plugin API Change: Code Views

Hi folks

Some of you will no doubt have noticed the different code view that we’re using in RapidWeaver 7. We’ve decided to revert this change, as the view:

  1. isn’t pretty (non-Retina)
  2. Doesn’t behave natively (it’s actually a web view)

So, from build 16905b onwards, the code view (and its headers) will be back to as they were in RapidWeaver 6 cc @isaiah


Why the change? The new code view was better…

Never mind my question, you had a bullet list…

  1. I don’t have a retina display at the moment. I thought that it looked fine…
  2. Who cares if its a webview, if its better? The code view in RW6 was not good at all. Unusable in fact…

To add to the list:

Keyboard navigation was non-standard, the interaction with the responder chain was funky, it expected HTML views to be full documents (not snippets of HTML). There’s a tonne of reasons - and honestly we all didn’t like using it. Sorry.

Let us know exactly how so, and we’ll take a look.


The code completion made it completely unusable. If you disable that, it would be better, but not as nice as the new one.

There’s a new pref in RW7 to turn off completion. It’ll apply to the reverted views, too.