Plugin Preferences Migration to RapidWeaver 7

Hi folks,

Been hearing on the grapevine that a few folks were concerned about the preference migration to RapidWeaver 7. Currently, as noted in preview release notes, no preferences (including RapidWeaver’s own) are not copied across to RapidWeaver 7. This is something we are / were aware of, and still investigating. Insert mumblings about the sandbox here.

The good news is that, as of the next Developer Preview, we have a fix that requires you to do… nothing :slight_smile:

RapidWeaver 7 will read in the preferences file from RapidWeaver 6 (thanks to our pre-existing temporary entitlement that enables RapidWeaver to effectively escape the sandbox) and populate the RW7 prefs from that. If you store other preferences elsewhere, you’ll need to handle those!

If you guys ever have any worries about things like that, please drop me a note directly - if there’s things we haven’t announced, it could well be because we haven’t got the solution ready yet. We’re aware of the importance of plugin licenses etc being migrated, and our solution wasn’t ready in time for the first developer preview - however, obviously it would have been in place in advance of public beta.



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