🚨 Plugin SDK Change in RapidWeaver 7 Developer Preview 3

Hello, plugin developers.

As of RapidWeaver 7 Developer Preview 3, we’ll no longer be calling -unloadPluginOnDocumentClose. If your plugins have their memory management all correct, -dealloc will be called as it should have always been. If you find that -dealloc is not called, they you will have some memory issues to fix. As we’ve analysed how this affects our own plugins, the most common issues in the built-in plugins are binding to Files Owner rather than an NSObjectController, and using the strongly retained -representedObject property in NSViewController.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We’ve tried to ensure as much compatibility with RapidWeaver 6 and 7, but this is something we’ve heard a lot of feedback about - and it’s time for us to fix it :slightly_smiling:



What is “Developer Preview 3” – Mine says: Version 99 (16112)

If I don’t have DP3, how do I get it?

It’ll be available in the next week. This advanced notice is to give you a heads-up :slight_smile: