Plugins fail updating

I’m still able to reproduce this issue in at least one of my test machines in RW 8.1 (20293b), if anyone is interested in further investigation. @dan @isaiah

I’ve heard this from a few people (3 to be exact – all are stack/theme/plugin developers). But I’ve triple checked. The appcast is A-OK, the download link is fine. I can update older versions without issue.

I’m convinced this is something different – and something specific to a configuration option that is more likely amongst developers. @simon @tpbradley @dan

@gibo when you attempt to update do you see permission errors like this one in the Console???

Failed to link file with error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=513 "“Info.plist”
couldn’t be linked because you don’t have permission to access “Contents”." UserInfo=
/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/.Update Checker/33DCA491-D737-4A7D-D312-C373DDD5925A
/Stacks_3.6.4_4202/Stacks.rapidweaverplugin/Contents/Info.plist, NSUserStringVariant=(

Nope. Here’s what’s logged trying to update a Foreground plugin:

|default|22:46:12.489404 +0200|RapidWeaver 8|Task <6DDD8632-29E5-4E10-92A7-558DD0437244>.<0> now using Connection 5|
|default|22:46:12.489616 +0200|RapidWeaver 8|Task <6DDD8632-29E5-4E10-92A7-558DD0437244>.<0> sent request, body N|
|default|22:46:12.731314 +0200|RapidWeaver 8|Task <6DDD8632-29E5-4E10-92A7-558DD0437244>.<0> received response, status 200 content K|
|default|22:46:16.201457 +0200|RapidWeaver 8|Task <6DDD8632-29E5-4E10-92A7-558DD0437244>.<0> response ended|

Trying to update Stacks nothing more useful is being logged:

Again, it happens only setting default RW7 addon folder as custom addon location for RW8 (thus when both RW7 and RW8 are using same default RW7 addon folder). This setup breaks RW8 plugin update, while RW7 keeps updating plugins as expected.