Podcast sound recording

@dan Just wondered if you and @ben know that Dan is recording in stereo, while Ben is recording in Mono on the Left channel only. I started. Listening in mono, and I could only hear Dan having a one sided conversation. Took me a few mins to realise what was going on.

should be fixed if you re-download the episode :slightly_smiling:

Ah no worries @ben, I switched audio devices as soon as I twigged why I could not hear you. Just thought I’d give you a heads up for the future :slight_smile:


british thing?
channel island thing?

i have a whole file folder full of Doobox slang that i’m collecting.

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English thing :slight_smile: ​​​​

You think my slight slang in my writing loses you.! If we spoke face to face, you’d swear I was a retard :slightly_smiling:
I have friends from different parts of Britain that struggle to understand me :slightly_smiling:

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…and that’s derogatory :disappointed:

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