Polling software

I want to place a simple 3-choice polling Q/A on one of the pages and I want to have a result printed in the form of a percentage of “Yes/No/No opinion” answers, after a RESULTS link is clicked.

Can somebody give me an idea as to how to achieve that? Any specific addon to use? I do not wish to use any external polling service.


phpjabbers offers a polling script, which you can integrate in Rapidweaver:https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-poll-script/

Thanks, @webplus, but that seems to be way too much trouble (and cost), while I get no guarantee that it will work the way I want…

This is just one option… You can do this with google. You setup on google and shoot your poll taker there via link. It keeps track of results and reports so you don’t have to tabulate yourself. I used it once and it worked well. https://support.google.com/docs/answer/87809?hl=en

I realize you don’t want to use an outside service, but Google forms is perfect for this and you can embed it in your page, you don’t have to send them to google.

Thanks, guys, but I don’t want to be dependent on Google or any other external source/service… All I want is a script that I could place on my website, preferably without the use of a database.

‘Contact Form’ is another option. I have a 30 question questionnaire I made using “Contact Form”. The answers are emailed to you.

(And I was wrong about google… sorry… some time has passed and yes, I did have survey embedded. You are correct scott…

Now, this is an idea I have to explore, @1611mac.

While I was waiting for answers, I searched the web and I found one interesting, relatively simple script which is free and does not need a database. If anyone is interested, here is the link.

I installed the script I’ve mentioned above. For a single-language page, it works flawlessly and it looks really good. But the website I installed it on is multi-lingual and that makes things trickier for me. Hopefully, with the developer’s help, I will be able to wrap my head around the problem.

And the problem is, the script shows in one language only instead of 3 different languages (needless to say, I translated all values and used 3 different instances of the language-specific setup).

I will report here if I’ll get any luck completing this task.

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So, I got no answer from the developer so far. Temporarily, I decided to use the poll in one language-specific version only. I customized the CSS and translated all the values. Here is what it looks like:

And this is what it looks like when I click on “Results” (before voting):

I have been looking for something like this too. any updates? Or google is it?

A survey with Google Forms is fast, easy, compiles the results for you, and embeds in your site. What is not to like?

Hi, @garyp, no, this isn’t Google Form. It is an Ajax script I have found on phpkobo. So far, I did not get any response from the developer. But the script works as advertised. I can still use it – just not in 3 different languages, at least not without help from a real coder (I am not a coder myself).

BTW, the original script is in English (of course).