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On a car enthusiast website, I have a page that is “locked” using the “Locked” stack by Yuzool.
They would like a popup reminder when you click on the page link “Members Documents” to remind them that a password is required and a password hint. I have yet to utilize any of these stacks so I’m looking for suggestions. This is an older group so I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible.

Thanks for your help in advance.


@Diligent1 Hi, I have a non-profit website that I also have a private page on. You can view it here: https://www.petprideny.org/ When you go to home page, an alert popup appears. I used “Alert Them” by CosCulture. You could us that on your “Members Documents” page and put a password hint on it. I don’t know how you are getting them to the page that needs the password but what I did is on this page
Officers, Board Members and the Pet Pride Team
If you hover the mouse over the outlined box on the right hand side near the top, it will tell you to login. Clicking on that login will take you to the protected page. I use Joe Workman’s “Page safe” stack.


Restrict Content - RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD.



Sorry for the delay in responding, we had a death in the family.

I appreciate all the feedback and stack suggestions, they were very helpful.



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