Portable Documents - Resource Files

I am using the portable documents feature already a lot.

What I don’t quite understand currently:

  • how to change the files in the recourses area, once you have a portable document?

I know you could change the file inside the .rw file structure, but that’s not suitable for the average user.

Have a great weekend, Jannis

@dan Anything planned in that direction before release?

Nothing yet, but I’ll create a ticket and see what we can do!

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OK, resources can be replaced now. But it seems RW does not recognise that change for publishing.

In addition, changes to a text file inside resources are not recognised (when having RW open during the text change).

@simon if you need something in order to reproduce, please let me know.


Any chance we get this working for 7.1?

Changing a txt file in the resources area via Quick Look -> Open with TextEdit -> Change content and save should be observed and trigger a republishment.


Can you let me know what your use-case is for this? Modifying resources inside a document that RW manages is not something that’s supported right now.

There are API calls that a plugin can make to replace a resource with a new file. For example, calling

- (void)updateFileReferenceForToken:(NSString *)token fileURL:(NSURL *)fileURL isInternal:(BOOL)isInternal error:(NSError **)error;

Will update the specified resource using the supplied fileURL. Upon save, the new file will be copied into the document’s resources section.


All I want is what was possible in RW6 without having a portable document. If you changed a text file, which was linked as an alias into the resources area, RW6 got aware of this and republished the file the next round.

This is not longer possible when having this text file in the resources area as portable document in RW7.

I am not taking about creating a plugin, but at the end I would like to have a inbuilt text editor for text files in the resources area. Everything should be there already (e.g. code editor) to support that, the things just have to be linked together…

In addition, replacing an image in the resources area (by “Replace Resource”) will not trigger a re-upload of that image.


Re-upload of changed text files and images is now working in 7.0.3. Thanks!

Only missing part is, that these resources do not get a blue dot for indicating they are changed.


@instacks, We’ve got a fix going into the next 7.1 build that should fix the blue dot indicator issue :wink:

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Yeah! You are awesome! :metal: