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How would I add the Post id 'contact_us" to the Submit button on my form?

Post id…not sure what you are trying to do?

There is no Post id.
You can assign an Id to a html element
You may need to use an html button if you need to assign an I’d or name. You can get the same look by adding the same button class.

If posting is important, then you might want to consider incorporating MachForm instead of the built-in Foundation forms. I currently have somewhere around 100 sites up with MachForm - and all work flawlessly, including some that post really intricate IDs (as in well over two dozen identifiers).

Two other benefits of MachForm a) you can give your client the ability to modify their forms (add/delete/edit fields) and nobody has to touch the MySQL db, and; b) if databases aren’t your thing, you can either pay them to host the forms…or, they will gladly create your db for you (for free). I can’t speak highly enough of them.

@Dave I signed up with MachForm a couple years ago (I believe from a suggestion from you), thank you. This client is so particular about the design and I have been so busy this last year that I haven’t been able to learn anything but the basic form settings in MachForm. I mostly use them for the logic ability and the redirecting after submit.

If you gave me some details I am sure you could pass any values you like via the form using Foundation. That way you wont need to pay a monthly fee to a third-party ( non-RapidWeaver ) solution. :wink:

I edited my original post so it does hi-jack @joeworkman product with the mention of another product.

Please explain what you are trying to accomplish…

@joeworkman. I needed to add a post id to the submit button. @swilliam helped me out on this. He copied the html from my button on the site, added the post id to the code:

<button aria-label="submit form" class="button centered custom radius expand inline small" id="contact_us" value="SUBMIT" type="submit">SUBMIT</button>

I used that code in an html stack and added some CSS:

.button {
background-color: #99C455; /* Green */
border: none;
color: white;
padding: 10px 32px;
text-align: center;
text-decoration: none;
display: inline-block;
font-size: 16px;

We tested it out and it worked out great. The Client needed a custom id in the submit button because they are using Google Tag Manager and wanted to keep track of the clicks.

I have no problem mentioning another product if a) it might solve his problem, and b) it won’t take anything away from the developer in question. The poster obviously already bought the Foundation Form add-on, so it’s not like recommending a different solution might take anything away from Joe. For the record, I’m using MachForm in dozens and dozens of sites…and since I self-host, there is NO SUBSCRIPTION fee.

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Thanks @yabdab we were able to use some html/css to handle the issue. Its always better for me using RW products and/or code. I moved over to Foundation this year and thats all we use now, with the only exception of creating a blog, then we use a pre-made RW template.

I do pay for some 3rd party (MachForm being one of them). The time savings to get it done and move on, outweighs the cost most of the time, but I do appreciate the help. :smile: We usually charge the client for the subscription full rate + 20% and buy a larger package so we’re able to add to our profit. It’s hard to be opposed to 3rd party with that formula. :wink:

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