Post upload - Text showing but no pictures?


Good morning. Help / advice please folks.

  1. Site created with RW and using stacks

  2. Loads without issue locally and looks as I intended

  3. Have published successfully to my hosting company using the built in publisher not standalone FTP Software

  4. When surfing to the site only the text shows but no pictures

  5. I have cleared dns cache on my Mac and router to no avail

  6. Name Servers set correctly for my hosting

I have double checked that it is uploaded to the correct folder (public_html) and checked everything I can to ensure I have not missed anything or ticked the wrong boxes but cannot figure it out. Happy to zip and send the files to anyone for perusal if that helps. Picture of uploaded file structure included below. Any ideas greatly appreciated as I am pulling what hair I have left out !.


What site looks like for me when I visit.

Could you post the URL to the site, please?

If you check the browser-console, you will see that no .css or other files can be found. The upload does not seem to be complete.

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Thanks for looking Jay. How odd?. Is there something that i am not ticking prior to publishing the site or do you think this may be the hosting site that is at fault ?


I have found this excellent troubleshooting page so will try all the tips later tonight.

Troubleshoot Publishing in RW

Feel free to add any tips you may have folks in the meantime :smile::call_me_hand:

Thanks again to Jay for his earlier help, Kudos :star::+1:

I have now fixed this by using the “Mark all pages and resources as changed” + “Re-publish all files” options.

Many thanks everyone :star::call_me_hand:


Glad, you found the issue! :muscle:

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