Poster Stack Dynamic URL problem

When my poster stack blog has a second page to display blog entries it generates a dynamic url such as %post=filename. This is then flagged when i use website auditor as an error. And since there is another page generated it uses the same description as the first page and I get duplicate descriptions. Thank you

Your tool isn’t working probably. I am not getting why a dynamic URL should be a problem. Most of current websites work like that.

Thank you for responding, my issue is with ranking. In some cases, a site’s URL structure can have a dramatic impact on rankings . Hopefully there is a work around for this.

As there isn’t an issue, there is also no workaround.

Whar “website Auditor” are you using? There are almost as many “SEO Audit tools” as there are websites, and most aren’t work the effort of running.
Dynamic URL’s are very common (like most WordPress sites), and shouldn’t have a negative impact on a sites SERP ranking.

From Google webmasters guide:

Which can Googlebot read better, static or dynamic URLs?
We’ve come across many webmasters who, like our friend, believed that static or static-looking URLs were an advantage for indexing and ranking their sites. This is based on the presumption that search engines have issues with crawling and analyzing URLs that include session IDs or source trackers. However, as a matter of fact, we at Google have made some progress in both areas. While static URLs might have a slight advantage in terms of clickthrough rates because users can easily read the urls, the decision to use database-driven websites does not imply a significant disadvantage in terms of indexing and ranking. Providing search engines with dynamic URLs should be favored over hiding parameters to make them look static.

The biggest concern with generated URL’s wouldn’t be ranking but clickthrough rates because users can easily read the URL. With POSTER that shouldn’t be an issue as the “slug” can be very descriptive.


Thank you for your help… appreciated.

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