Preview changed from localhost to

I just noticed that in 7.0.3, preview change from localhost to being Is there a good reason for this? Can it be switched back?

In order for my Font Pro stacks to work in RW7, the user needs to configure localhost to be accepted in their type service. With this change, that breaks it for everyone. They need to reconfigure everything to use It also means that all of my docs and videos are now out of date.

I did not see this change in the change log for 7.0.3 either. :frowning:

When creating a new project with 7.0.3 and going to preview inside RW, nothing will be displayed at all.
I am getting a request timeout.

This happens also for a lot of other older projects.

Activity Monitor does not look good either.

Do you think this is related to the preview domain changing somehow?

@instacks Can we get a copy of the project and themes you’re using when you see this spike as I’m unable to re-create the issue here.

@joe this was part of the fix for users that were getting blank previews, it was introduced in 7.0.3 beta 2 I believe. Sorry!


here it is for there preview issue:

Happens already with a plain new project. When switching to preview, RW tells me: “Exporting page”, hangs there, and memory consumption is growing fast. 1-2 minutes: 50 GB. Up to 70 GB now. RW not responding any more.

And btw no more projects in the recent welcome window.


I have a second Mac Book, there this issue is not reproducible either.

Let me know if you need system specific details.

@instacks Are you running macOS Sierra?

Of course not :grinning: Latest update 10.11.5.

No betas installed of anything.

Mac Book Pro 15 with dedicated graphics card and 16 GB RAM.

Haven’t had any problems with 7.0.3 beta 2. Did not use beta 3.

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If of any use, we could have a call tomorrow morning between 9-11 London time.

And, to re-assure everyone, no Stacks Plugin page involvement here.

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yeah! t/y for posting Jannis.

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I have to add that this problem now also occurs on my second machine. Mac Book Pro 13 with 8 GB RAM.
Version 7.0.3 (17839)
macOS 10.11.5 (15F34)

Hey guys,

I’ve identified the problem, fixed it and a new build will be out soon!


7.0.4 fixes that issue. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Still no more projects in recent history, but I can life with that for now :wink:

@instacks Awesome! The recent docs issue may be resolved after a reboot - if you’ve not done that already. I noticed weird things happening when I was reproducing the memory problem. Finder isn’t showing any of my Favourites any more! LOL

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@tpbradley Finder favorites: Me too! had to adjust them in finder preferences.

Will restart soon :slight_smile: and check.

I had this once before (finder not showing correctly the sidebar), then I had to apply that one:

That’s exactly what I’m seeing! Just rebooted and everything is back to normal. I have recent docs in RW too :wink:

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