Preview in... feature rocks

So my new favorite thing is that you can use the new Preview In... feature to preview a project in an external browser, then grab the URL of the localhost and paste it into Ember’s browser to do screenshots of the whole page without needing to Export or Publish a project. So. Amazing.

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try this one:

  1. Preview in…
  2. Jump back to RW and make some changes (you don’t even have to save)
  3. Click over to the Safari window (you don’t even have to click reload).


I’m not sure how many hours of my life thus far have been spent clicking the reload button – but it’s going to be drastically less from here on out.


Yeah, i’m loving that feature too. Makes building the new RMS site soon much easy :smiley:

+1 Now we save a lot of time!

OK. Have you tried this…

  1. Preview in browser
  2. Open a bunch more browser windows.
  3. Put them into Responsive Design mode (Cmd-Opt-R in Safari)
  4. Copy an past the URL to all the windows.

Now update your site and just go and click in each on to reload the content and see how your site will appear in all those different modes.

Seriously… that is the future right there… feels like jetpacks and hover boards.

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Nice! Good find! That will be very handy.