Preview not previewing

(Jim Cook) #1

I make changes to my sites in RW8.1 in edit mode, then look in preview mode and the changes aren’t made. When I upload the site the changes are not there.

(Isaiah Carew) #2

A bit more info about the issue might help get this post a few more replies of assistance. Perhaps some details like:

  • what sort of page you’re working on
  • where the changes are being made
  • a screenshot or two
  • a link to the published page
  • versions of the system, RW (exact version), and plugins

And I imagine you’ve already tried and eliminated many things before coming here. If you let us know that you’ve already covered the basics, other folks don’t need to suggest those things:

  • restarted RW?
  • updated RW or plugins?
  • restarted your mac?
  • does it happen on just this page? or every page?
  • does it happen on just this project file? or every project?

(Jim Cook) #3

Thanks for your reply. It seems I wasn’t pressing the “done” button. I don’t remember having to do this before.

(system) #4

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