Preview not working, killing everything

(steve bee) #1

Been noticing this more and more lately: Preview is taking longer and longer to render, if you give up waiting and click back to edit mode the little “generating preview” message still keeps appearing at the bottom of the page list.

To it’s just stopped altogether. Once it even gave an error code. Now if I click preview everything stops and I have to restart RW.

Isolated to me, or others seeing this?

Latest versions, blah blah blah.

(Rob D) #2

Yeah, sometimes when I click back to Edit before Preview renders, I get some unexpected effects, like those you’ve described.

And yes, previewing takes longer and longer…:worried:

(steve bee) #3

thanks, this particular issue for me seems to be isolated to one machine, one of my Macbooks. So problem is my end, not RW or anything else. :frowning:

(Rob D) #4

Well, then, how do you explain the fact that I get same results?

BTW, I am using MacPro (16 GB of memory) with ElCapitan, RW 7.4.0 and all my addons are up-to-date.

(steve bee) #5

LOL, no idea!

I just fixed permission, restarted, and it’s now previewing, albeit painfully slowly.

(Simon Maddox) #6

@SteveB @Rovertek: you’re welcome to share your projects with support and we’ll see if we can identify what’s causing the slowdown. It’s entirely possible you’re hitting some bottleneck or limit in a plugin - if we can take a look, at least we’ll know? :wink:

Let them know that I sent you if you do end up speaking to support. They’ll pass your project straight on to me.

(Rob D) #7

Hi, Simon,

It’s not a particular project that is causing slowdown. It’s all projects, even the smallest one – at least in my case. Do you still think it is worthwhile to send in any project?

BTW, what I said about previewing taking longer and longer – I meant between versions of RW, not as I progress along with a project. RW7 takes longer to preview than RW6 and RW5,

(Simon Maddox) #8

@Rovertek: yes, I think it’d still be useful for us. Send in a project that exhibits this issue on your Mac. Include any themes and plugins you’re using - that way we can test it out with the exact versions you’re using.

Try the same thing too with the built-in Styled Text or Markdown plugins. Are they really slow as well? If so, that points to something we could definitely look into further. (I appreciate that they’re not as complex as some third party plugins, but it helps us figure out what’s going on)

If you can provide a video (using Quicktime or similar) showing it being slow too, that’d be really useful.

(Gary) #9

@Rovertek RW6 was without a doubt faster at previewing than RW7 by a noticeable margin when using the same version of Stacks and no other plugins. That’s why I still use RW6 and the only reason I can find to use RW7 is for PHP.

(Rob D) #10

Simon, I will try to make a special project for you, but as for the video – I don’t think so. I simply don’t have time for that. But I can tell you that switching from Edit to Preview and full rendering takes from 6 to 11 seconds in my main project, depending on what’s on the page. Sometimes, even longer.

I only use 3rd party stacks (with Stacks 3.5.0), never built-in pages. I wouldn’t even know how to use them. :grimacing:

(steve bee) #11

I, just incase you missed my post above, my issues are sorted. It was a problem my end, not with RW or any stacks etc.

(Rob D) #12

@simon I made a sample project for you. The size of zipped file is 28.6 MB. Please, give me an address where I should send it…

BTW, I sent you 2 private messages regarding that sample project, but they did not show in the list of my messages, so I assume that they did not reach you.

(Rob D) #13

@simon Nothing? No reply? So, that was just a tease to make me create a special project and waste my time? :slight_smile:

(Simon Maddox) #14

@Rovertek you can upload it somewhere (Dropbox? WeTransfer? Your FTP server?) and then send the link to and I’ll pick it up on Monday. Thanks.

(Isaiah Carew) #15

@simon - i see this regularly too.

i sent an email a while back that i see it in the 7.5 beta, on macOS X 10.12.x (latest), with no plugins installed, on a new file.

i’ve re-sent the email in case you missed it. :slight_smile:


(Rob D) #16

OK, Simon, I sent the link as per your instructions.

(Simon Maddox) #17

Thanks @Rovertek. I’ve received your project and I can replicate the issue here. I’ll take a look at what’s causing it now, and get back to you when I know more.

(LJ) #18

did anyone get an answer to this issue - still playing havoc with my larger projects?

(Stuart Marshall) #19

Keen to hear an update on this too. I have only just started seeing some of these preview-type issues and can now see why it drives people to such despair. is annoying beyond belief.

Does seem to be an issue in just larger projects where when after I exit preview then RW loops through all pages in the project ‘generating preview’ (though all in edit mode).

Am using the latest version of RW.

(Aaron Marquez) #20

@mallow76 and @manofdogz Sorry to hear you guys are experiencing these issues. I know they can be very frustrating.

To confirm, you’re on the latest RW build? 7.5.5 (18814)? Available at the following link

What version of macOS are you both running?