"Preview" speed increase in Sierra?

(steve bee) #1

Looking at ways to improve preview, I’m on El Capitan still, anyone recall a jump in preview speed when they “upgraded” to Sierra?

(Dylan Banks) #2

Been on Sierra since it came out. Preview seems to work well most of the time. Now and again it seems to lag a bit.

(steve bee) #3

Did you notice an increase in preview speed over EC though?

I’m seriously struggling with preview, I’m looking at all options to speed it up, if upgrading the S helps, I’ll do it.

(Dylan Banks) #4

It was so long ago I have no idea sorry. It was never really an issue for me to be honest. I very rarely have an issue with preview unless I have foundation preloader turned on in a project. Sierra in general sped everything up though.

(steve bee) #5

Good enough. I’ll upgrade and see. Nothing to lose.

'Cept a few days of my life :wink:

(Greg Schneck) #6

Best thing I did to increase overall speed of every feature in every app was go to a SSD for my system disk. If I recall, perhaps you are one that’s already done this? I personally don’t recall any difference in performance when moving to Sierra and that was prior to my SSD.

(Rob D) #7

Steve, if and when you upgrade, please, share your experience with us. I am in exact same situation as you are – meaning, I am also on ElCap and am also struggling with Preview in RW.

I was going to wait with upgrading until the next OS, but if you find out Sierra gives an advantage worth your while, I will make my move sooner.

Greg, I already use SSD as my startup disk…

(steve bee) #8

Yes, have an SSD already. Thanks for the comment on the difference though.

Rover, in the process of upgrading now. Just loading Chrome etc. Once I can boot up RW and open a project I’ll report back.

(Greg Schneck) #9

Wondering… Isn’t the speed of Preview highly dependent upon each plugin and stack implementation? If your problem is serious enough you might consider making a test project and removing stacks and features one by one to see if any one is slowing down the Preview. I might be wrong on this but just a thought… Seems I’ve had certain 3rd party items that really slowed down Preview and I opted for different solutions. I easily could be wrong.

(steve bee) #10

There is another thread on this one, it’s not so much one or two particular stack, but complex pages, but as I say, that’s for the other thread, but thanks for the advice.

(Dylan Banks) #11

I should have been more clearer, I didn’t mean just RW, in general my whole mac felt like it ran smoother.

(Gary) #12

I recently upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra about a months ago. I saw no increase in performance. The main reason I did upgrade was in the hope that RW would be quicker in page loading, edit mode, preview and publish. RW is just as slow in Sierra as it was in El Capitan. This isn’t an OS thing, it is a RW thing.

(NeilUK) #13

I’m not sure where this preview issue is coming from for some people, but I have no problems with previewing projects within RW or on a browser.

I can be working on 3-5 different projects a day without any issues.

I hope you find a solution.

(Dylan Banks) #14

Perhaps it was because I upgraded from a 2009 MacBook pro too :smile: I do think it depends on what stacks and plugins you are using. No idea what actually slows down preview though.

(Greg Schneck) #15

I have a 2011 MacBook Pro as a mirror to my iMac. With an SSD in it runs great and everything is satisfactorily fast including all aspects of RW.

(Dylan Banks) #16

Yeah mine runs pretty darn well on a 2013 model. Not denying the occasional RW issues though.

(Mathew Mitchell) #17

I have no problems previewing but …

  • I have fast computers (SSD and all that stuff)
  • I design fairly simple webpages

Over time (i.e. several years) stacks have become more complex and nuanced. Users are using stacks in new combinations that are quite impressive, but it seems the problem with previewing may lie in more complicated designs. Since these designs are here to stay it would be good if Previewing was improved. I’m not sure if this is partially a Stacks issue, partially RW, or some other explanation. But the demand for good fast Previewing ain’t going away.

(steve bee) #18

Sadly, as Gary commented above, no change whatsoever.

Both the machines are comparable, one an iMac, the other a MBP. Both similar setups.

To preview this page: http://pedalpower.caffeineinjection.com/workshop/

iMac 31sec. MBP 33sec.

I wouldn’t consider that an overly complex page.

The MBP is virgin. Fresh install of Sierra today, only apps other than stock are Chrome, Dropbox and RW.

Oh well, worth a try. I’ll wait in hope that RW8 speeds preview up. Least I have got one machine upgraded to Sierra. Now to try and get CS5 to work on it, or else it’s time to get handy with Infinity.

(Greg Schneck) #19

Wow… All my pages Preview in just seconds… 3 to 4 usually

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #20

Are you able to share that RW Project as zipped archive to let others test the performance?