Problem with plugin icons for RapidWeaver 7

Hi @nikf,
we are finalizing our plugins for RapidWeaver 7.
I’ve noticed a problem with the new dark icon plugin_addmenu.png we need to use.

If we provide a white/dark icons to be used in RapidWeaver 7, the same icons are used in RapidWeaver 6.
We would like to release a unique version of our plugins that is compatible with both RapidWeaver 6 and 7 but plugins share the same “white” icon for both RW versions.

In your Blog plugin for RW6 and 7, icons are totally different.
You provide two different versions of your Blog plugin but that’s not a problem as they come built in the application, while we should need to distribute two plugins.

A new plist property should be added in RW7 to handle new icons.

I hope to have explained the problem.

this is why i’ve chosen to leave my icons in color. conforming to the RW7 style seems unusable in RW6 users. but sticking to the RW6 style looks out of place but tolerable.

it would be nice to be able t support both.

We’ll get this taken care of ASAP.

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Hi folks,

To progressively enhance for RW7, use the following Info.PLIST keys.


If these are not provided we’ll fall back to RWPluginIconSmall and RWPluginIconSmallSelected, as used in RW6.

Expect these keys to be recognised in the next update (and for us to update the RWPluginKit example and docs shortly too).

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Thanks for this addition.

sweet! thanks RMS guys. this is perfect.



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Hey guys,

Here’s a template with the styles and sizes we’re using for our own icons in RW7: