Project Theme is Missing in RW 7.3.2

I’ve just updated RapidWeaver to version 7.3.2 and now I can’t open saved projects anymore.
I get the error above and if I click “Apply Theme & Open” RapidWeaver does nothing.

Here’s the link to download the project.

Hi Rob,

Are you storing or sharing your projects on Dropbox or iCloud?


The project is in my Desktop folder.

Is your desktop folder set to use iCloud?

This option is new in Sierra…

If not, does this happen on every single project you have?

No, it’s not set to use iCloud.
Restoring the project from Time Machine fixed the problem.
I probably archived the project while it was open in RW.

Is anything logged to the console when this happens?

Edit: just realised you attached the project. I’ll take a look for myself :slight_smile:

Nothing related to the error as far as I can see.
Can’t you reproduce the problem with attached project?

Right-click on the project, and click “Show Package Contents”.

Is there another file in there?

So when you said this, you meant just this one single project wouldn’t open?

I don’t think this is a RapidWeaver issue.

Yes, it is.
And a __MACOSX folder.
So, macOS archiver is found guilty.

Tested with some projects that I archived just before updating to 7.3.2.

I think it’s related to how macOS extracts zip files - if the zip file is named, it will name the extracted folder

macOS then believes that this is a RapidWeaver project file, and lets you try to open it in RapidWeaver.

Glad it’s sorted anyway. It’s something we’ll have a look at improving for a future release.

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