PSA: Backpacker stack... You need it. Seriously. You do

(steve bee) #1

The Backpacker stack was only just mentioned to me as solving a feature request I recently posted about. From what I can make out though it’s not new, I think it’s a good few years old now, but IMO it’s one of those utility stacks that everyone needs.

Details here:

In a nut-shell it helps you manage your edit screen, making everything far easier to find your way around, and some really cool features on top of that.

It costs a fiver.


This is my good dev deed done for the day :slight_smile:

(Rob D) #2

DeFliGra makes a lot of useful stacks that can be used as “production assistants” for your RW projects. Check them all out…

(LJ) #3

Never noticed this one in all the defligra clutter (sorry but the site is pretty busy) but defligra makes some great stacks and this is right up there

(Anugyan) #4

Just been there and to be honest, I get dizzy just trying to figure whats what!..

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #5

Yes, in fact the site is a bit messy, but it is true that @defligra have some useful stacks and good support. Apart from all the clutter I can really recommend to have a look at their stacks.

(Nicky) #6

Yes indeed, I agree with you @TINO :slight_smile: