PSA For Plugin Developers

Hi folks,

I sent the following information via email to plugin developers. I’m posting it here as a reference!

I wanted to bring a forthcoming change for RapidWeaver 7 to your attention as we want to make the transition as smooth as possible. The changes required should be relatively minor (and should also work in RW6 too).

How to Determine the App Support Folder location

We recommend that all plugins derive the App Support folder location from their bundle path. If you need any sub-folders (e.g. the Stacks folder), derive it relative to the plugin bundle’s location. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you ship updates that use this logic before we public beta, as it is applicable to both RapidWeaver 6 and 7, and helpful to your support loads when the public beta does launch.

If you feel that the recommendation above for deriving the folder location isn’t enough for your particular use case, please let both Dan and I know by email so that we can take a look.

Notes on Custom App Support Locations

As with our move to the sandbox, you should audit any use of hard-coded file paths - there is no guarantee that the folder will be where you expect it to be! - and always ensure that you install any sub-addons in the correct location. When RapidWeaver 7 optionally moves addons to the new location, we move the ENTIRE Application Support folder contents, not just folders that RapidWeaver knows about.

You cannot change App Support locations while a RapidWeaver project is open, and you MUST restart RapidWeaver after making the change.

RapidWeaver 7 Documentation

We’ve documented the Plugin changes for you so far on GitHub, and I recommend tracking this wiki page to keep up to date on things:

Test with RapidWeaver 7 Today!

If you’ve not yet tested with RapidWeaver 7, please do so as quickly as you can. We’re keen to hear your feedback, and I’d urge you to file any feedback as swiftly as possible.