Publish settings

when I fill in the pulishing settings in SFTP,
in public.html
Username: vanmierlo
Password: xxxxxxx
SFTP op poort 22

I can fill in the first 3: host, username and password, but where do I fill in the Portnumber 22?

Another question, where will the export placed on my mac

On the server name add a :22 To the end.

In whatever place you chose with the “Choose Folder…” button.

That’s true only if you’re publishing to a local folder, not if you’re publishing via SFTP.
RapidWeaver doesn’t place the exported files anywhere on your Mac if you publish to an external server.

True. I assumed he knew that publishing and exporting were two different things.

Thanx a lot

06-53277048 (nieuw nummer)

Henk van Mierlo

Laan van Leeuwesteyn 69

2271 HJ Voorburg

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